gelcoat resteration

Breathe New Life Into Your Boat's Finish

Is your boat's once-gleaming gelcoat looking dull, chalky, or faded? Before you think of a costly repaint, consider My Clean Boat's professional gelcoat restoration services. We can help you achieve a stunning shine and restore your boat's vibrant beauty, often for a fraction of the price of repainting.

Tailored Restoration Solutions

Our experienced technicians can assess your boat's specific needs and recommend the most effective restoration approach. Here's a glimpse into the solutions we offer:

oxidation removal


This is ideal for mild oxidation, a common issue that causes a hazy or dull appearance. Buffing gently removes the oxidized layer, restoring the surface luster and bringing back your boat's shine.

oxidation removal

Oxidation Removal

For more stubborn oxidation that leads to cloudiness and fading, we employ specialized oxidation removal techniques. These methods effectively remove the damaged layer, revealing the vibrant gelcoat beneath and restoring your boat's original color.

oxidized cobalt


For neglected gelcoat with deeper imperfections like scratches or swirls, compounding is the answer. This more intensive process uses a polishing compound to remove these blemishes, leaving a smooth and glossy finish.

buffed and waxed cobalt

Wet Sanding

In cases of heavily oxidized or damaged gelcoat, wet sanding is necessary. This technique involves using water and sandpaper to create a perfectly smooth surface. Wet sanding paves the way for polishing, ensuring a flawless final result.

Don't Replace, Restore

Give your boat a new lease on life with My Clean Boat's gelcoat restoration services. We'll help you determine the best course of action to bring your boat's shine back to life! Contact us today.